Many reasons to become a member of JOSA


Join a community of like-minded geeks

JOSA's Biggest asset is its community, a varied group of individuals that are always seeking to learn and teach, spanning different fields and interests you are sure to find peers to both program and have fun with.


Collaborate on great projects with other open-source enthusiasts

The only thing better than discussing tech and arguing about technologies is collaborating on building it with fellow JOSA members, each with a different set of skills and expertise covering every imaginable aspect for a successful project.


Get access to special events, activities and perks

Being a JOSAn comes with access to our community events that are tailored to satisfy both the mind and the soul. Networking events, technical workshops and fun hangouts are all on the agenda. Benefits also include access to a wide variety of resources and perks.


Develop your skills

The JOSA community is build upon and thrives upon the growth of our members, we constantly seek to enhance and enrich our members with all that they may need to increase their knowledge and expertise with collaborations, resources and learning opportunities.

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